Tuesday, January 11, 2011

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Courage, Fear, Trust, these were the thoughts running around my head recently while discussing transformation in practice class last week.   I was envisioning a coin, with one side courage, the other fear and Trust floated above this coin.  On occasion the coin would stop and land with courage face up, then I looked up to see Trust and thought; OK, take this Trustful hand and let it guide and nurture you.  So why were courage, fear and trust running around my brain?
   I am due to have hip-replacement surgery on February 1st.   So as I am planning and dealing with this, these thoughts of, Courage, Fear, Trust are a part of my daily conversation.
By the middle of class it occurred to me that these thought’s I’m having are part of everyone’s daily conversation to some extent all of the time.  All of us live with change to varying degrees.  The trick/lesson for me is to get better at trusting that Grace is there for me always, ready and waiting to take my hand and lead and nurture me on my right path.  For me the practice of yoga, in particular, Anusara yoga is such a wonderful tool for this spiritual journey.
By the end of class I felt, I had taken that “Trustful” hand and stepped through a “Gateway”, a gateway that led to Grace.  Interestingly, I remembered that Lila spoke about the concept of Gateways on the website, here is an excerpt.  “ To move through a gateway is to accept the invitation to more fully engage with one’s own Being, with one’s own consciousness, and with the power and mystery of one’s own heart.”  ~ Lila P Brown
I wish for all of you the ability and clarity to see the many Gateway’s that present themselves in front of you and the wisdom to discern which are appropriate to step through.
In Love  ~  Michelle


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