Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Trusting with a capital T...

Trust in yourself…
Trusting in your self is a simple, beautiful concept.  A concept, that can have many connotations.  To trust oneself fully, in ones abilities, ones knowledge and perhaps most importantly ones unspoken intentions behind your actions is a life-long practice.  To fully trust ones self requires for most of us, practice, for me a lot of practice.
  I was reminded of the practice of Trust, recently when subbing a yoga class.  I ran into an old student of mine.  When I asked the students if they had any insights or revelations to share after we played with handstand, this dear student said, Trust.  She then elaborated and said, “that is one of the lessons I took from you when we were discussing when it’s appropriate to explore the 'edge' of a pose.”  My advice at the time for this student was to trust in her abilities, trust in her adhikara or studentship that she had practiced enough that it was appropriate for her to be exploring this 'edge' right now.  Her studentship was such that she was able to intuit herself whether or not she should go further.  I smiled and thought.  "That’s good advice.  I should listen to my own ‘Self’ more often."  We then moved on and finished a lovely class.
The next day I received news that I am now officially, Anusara-Inspired.  This is wonderful news!  It means that I have achieved a certain level of training and experience and that I can now promote myself, and my classes as Anusara-Inspired.  The hope of course is that with this certification, my professional persona as a yoga teacher and practitioner will be enhanced both spiritually and monetarily. 
So back to Trust in yourself, and my student/the Universe reminding me to do just that…Trust in myself!  I found in my classes the next day, that with this ‘outside stamp of approval’ my classes had already begun to transform.  I could feel myself teaching with more clarity, confidence and easefulness.  It felt so good!  I actually paused during class, and said a prayer of thanks to the You-niverse, for reminding me via my student to Trust.  To Trust with a capital T.  We, all of us, know more than we think we do.  I know I tend to sometimes be hesitant and question my abilities and myself.  I’d like to put it out there, for myself and all of you.  That you’re pretty fantastic and you truly do know more than you think you do.  So, Trust, I promise…  It will be there for you!  

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