Friday, March 9, 2012

Ever Evolving... ♡

Dear Friends,  My last post not so long ago was to announce that I had finally achieved the training and education level of Anusara-Inspired.  So it is with crazy irony that so soon after, I now announce that I am resigning my license with Anusara Inc.  After much reflection, reading of many eloquent posts, prayer and just plain listening to my own inner voice.
I've come to the decision that it is best for me to distance myself from what I perceive as a broken company.  Please let me be clear that I am incredibly grateful for John Friend and for his creation of the universal principles of alignment.  The principles are elegant, accessible and subtle.  I continue to be amazed and inspired by their efficacy.  And I have no intentions for any major deviation in my teaching of them.  The principles work and I always delight in sharing them.  Having said that, I can not say that I am not excited, even intrigued with what may lie ahead for me as I now have the freedom to explore other types of yoga.  To quote a segment of Bernadette Birney's latest blog post Evolution...  "I’m excited to be a student again. I’m excited to rediscover the larger yoga community. I’m excited to take my time studying with teachers from other traditions. I’m exited to spend time in my own company. I have thoughts and ideas that I’m excited to give voice to. I’m excited to percolate, collaborate and cross-pollinate.  I’m excited to evolve."  I couldn't have said it better, thank you Bernadette. 
I remain ever grateful for all of my teachers over the years.  I have been a fitness instructor since, yikes, 1987 and a yoga teacher since 2001.  I feel that there is an abundance of knowledge inside of me, just waiting to be shared.  So it is with a light heart that I step into this new chapter of my life as student and teacher...  Always with Love,  Michelle...

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